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I am testing this hot new page builder use a domain I have had for a long time. I want to see if it is as easy to use as claimed and how it compares to Elementor.First question. That image to the left is about 2 megs. I like being able to expand and position images just by sliding them around, but I have a feeling my page will load slowly if I don't shrink images before uploading. I should of course be able to use ShortPixel to reduce their size. 

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I'm looking for a page builder that will make it easy to create sites for a variety of different antiques and collectibles. 

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I want this part of the site to direct new visitors to the pages and posts that will be the most useful to them. 

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I am hoping to use Dragon Naturally speaking to load most of my content so I need to see if that works as soon as possible. 

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